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5 Myths About Dream Jobs

5 Myths About Dream Jobs

The dream job: Most people long to have one and spend years in school or working their way up in pursuit of one.

But what is a dream job? One that fulfills your every need and always makes your life wonderful? And is there a dream job for everyone? Hiring experts agree that dream jobs are within everyone's reach, though not every minute at your dream job will be blissful.

Read on for the truth about dream jobs and some tips for how to get as close as possible to your own dream job.

Myth 1: For every person, there's just one dream job.

Reality: There are tens of thousands of different types of jobs. Chances are good that you'd thrive in any number of them.

Myth 2: I'll always be happy in my dream job.

Reality: There will be moments when even the best job drives you crazy.

One step closer: On bad days, remember why you usually love your job. It helps to make a list of all the positive aspects of your job to keep things in perspective. On a practical note, try to find time to take a real break away from your work. Sometimes you just need to step away from something to see it for what it's really worth.

Myth 3: Dream jobs pay well.

Reality: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on your dream! If you want a lot of responsibility and a big paycheck, then your dream job by definition needs to pay well. But if your passion is something else, pay tends to be less important.

Myth 4: There's no such thing as a dream job.

Reality: Dream jobs do exist, but everyone has their own interpretation of what this means. A dream job could be a career that builds off of your passions or it could be a job with steady hours that consistently enables you to pay your bills on time.

One step closer: Remember that any time you're working to support yourself or your family, you are managing a dream. The dream here is less about the work than what the work provides. Making a nice home and securing a good future for your family is as much a mission as pursuing any career passion.

Myth 5: Everybody has a calling.

Reality: Some people have a clear vision of what they were meant to do professionally and are purposeful in pursuing their passion. Others might feel like they have a calling, but it's not quite clear what it is. And still others may not have a calling at all -- and that's OK, too.

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