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5 Top Careers for Active People

by Patricia Cecil-Reed, FindtheRightSchool.com

Most people dread the idea of boring work, but some particularly crave the adrenaline rush of a high-energy job. Whether it's physical or mental activity, or a combination of the two, challenging work is essential for career satisfaction to some. With the right career training, you can prepare for a job that's as active as you are.

Clinical Medical Assistant

Medical assistants have to stay on their toes to keep the offices of physicians and health professionals running smoothly. Their duties are usually both clinical and administrative, from scheduling appointments to assisting the physician during an examination. In a typical day, a clinical medical assistant might greet clients, record medical histories, prepare patients for exams, and administer medications.

Education and career training: Employers may prefer formal training in the form of a one-year certificate program or two-year associate's degree program in medical assisting.

Salary range: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), median earnings in May 2008 for medical assistants were $29,060, with top salaries around $40,000.

Fringe benefits: Medical assistants rank among the fastest-growing professions for the coming decade, and job prospects should be outstanding.

Meeting and Convention Planner

Meeting and convention planners make sure every aspect of an event is well-planned and seamlessly executed, making this an ideal career for the detail-oriented. From scouting location sites to designing reading materials and booking guest speakers, meeting and convention planners cover these bases and more. Even after the event has taken place, planners rely on feedback from their clients to stay on top of their game.

Education and career training: There is more than one way to become a meeting and convention planner, although employers often prefer a bachelor's degree.

Salary range: $47,500 is the average annual salary for meeting and convention planners, with top earnings around $74,000.

Fringe benefits: Travel opportunities and fast employment growth are among the top benefits of this career.

Elementary School Teacher

Teaching is a busy job no matter what the grade level, but elementary school teachers may be particularly active in planning field trips, hands-on projects to facilitate learning, and learning through play and activity. Combined with other aspects of the job like lesson planning and grading papers, this is one career that will keep you on your toes.

Education and career training: A bachelor's degree in education is one way to earn your teaching license. Alternately, fast-track certification programs may be available for aspiring teachers who hold bachelor's degrees in other subjects.

Salary range: The mean annual salary for elementary school teachers was $52,240 in May 2008.

Fringe benefits: These days, most teachers work hard year-round, but summer breaks and smaller breaks throughout the year may give you the rest you need to balance your busy career life.

Public Relations Specialist

Crave a working environment where phones are ringing, deadlines are waiting to be met, and your appointment book is filled? Then a career as a public relations specialist might be for you. These professionals help maintain the gleaming images of businesses, organizations, and sometimes even high-profile individuals. PR specialists deal with the media and the public, writing press releases, arranging meetings, and generally spinning the public image of the client for the better.

Education and career training: You'll likely need a bachelor's degree in a communications field like public relations or journalism. Internships can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

Salary range: $58,960 is the mean annual wage for PR specialists, with the top 10 percent earning close to $100,000 annually.

Fringe benefits: PR specialists are becoming more and more valuable to organizations, and job growth for this profession is expected to be much faster than average in coming years.

Landscape Architect

Responsible for planning all kinds of outdoor spaces from parks and playgrounds to shopping centers and college campuses, landscape architects are hands-on from the beginning to the end of a project. They spend time at the location site, meet with other professionals like builders and surveyors, and draw the plans for the landscaping, all in a day's work.

Education and career training: A bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture is usually a requirement, along with a license in your state.

Salary range: $64,000 was the annual average salary for landscape architects in 2008.

Fringe benefits: Over 20 percent of landscape architects are self-employed. That's about three times more than the usual for other professions.

Why settle for a job that's stationary when you're anything but? Consider training for a new career that meets your high energy level.

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