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Career Relocation Tips from Career Mover Patricia Roberts

by Gina Cappiello, www.123Movers.com

Patricia Roberts knows what it's like to relocate for work. As one of the first females selling with General Motors, she has moved 22 times for the sake of her career. Retired as of 2006, Roberts now resides in Michigan and works from home as the Director of Business Development for AskPatty.com, a website devoted to giving women automotive advice. We spoke with Roberts about her moving experiences and asked her to give job seekers some moving tips:

Don't constrain yourself based on location

You don't shop at an automotive store for jewelry, so why look for a job in an area where there are none? "Michigan is going through a huge contraction with the auto industry, but we don't have the people with the skills with the companies that are coming in," said Roberts, a Michigan native who has relocated with Michigan movers in the past. "I encourage everyone to leave for work because if you're in an area where there's nothing and you have no hope, you have to do what you have to do."

Move to where the jobs are

"I always encourage people to go where the opportunities are," said Roberts, whose 22 moves happened because of job promotions. If you can't find a job first, Roberts suggests packing up and moving out to where work is anyhow. Even if you have to leave the family behind for a bit, she emphasized the fact that it's not too difficult to move nowadays. "It doesn't cost anything to make a call anymore with Skype or cell phone plans with flat rates," said Roberts. "There is so much more connection available today that I don't think it's as traumatizing to pick up and go as it used to be. Go where the work is and grow from it, because it's ultimately the right decision for the family."

Embrace your move

"Moving is a stressful event even with all my experience," said Roberts. "Even though I know things are going to be fine, I get sick to my stomach about it." Although moving gets Roberts stressed at times, she's always embraced and enjoyed every move she made. She also considers moving to be a great way for a family to learn and grow. "The people I used to work with are moving to China and India for work now. It's a bigger move, but they all made the right decision as a result of it. They're exposed to a new country and learned about themselves through others." By embracing and learning to love your move, you'll be on your way to enjoying your new life.

Moving for a new job doesn't have to be a strenuous or upsetting experience. "There's always a bright side to moving," said Roberts, "like making new friends, going through new experiences, and such." Focus on the positives for your next job relocation, and you'll be in great shape when moving day arrives.

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