Kamis, 04 November 2010

5 great jokes for the office

By: Manuel Breijer

Are you ready for a little humor at work? Do you like a colleague in the fool? Read these five jokes and try them out once in the workplace. Guaranteed success. And your day? That is well again!
5 jokes:The absolute number 1 and also the most famous joke. But he still fun!
1. Getting coffee for your colleagues and salt instead of sugar in their coffee do.2. Again an absolutely fun and silly joke coffee. Ask your colleague if he / she wants coffee. Answer: Yes, nice. Then you ask if everything put in there. If they answer with Yes. Then, throw everything you see are in the coffee.3. We remain in the coffee mood. It remains simply a widely consumed product in the workplace. This joke is only suitable if your coffee is served in plastic cups. Take a pin and prick a tiny hole in the cup. When someone takes this cup of coffee has no doubt wet clothes.
4. Does your colleague a paper clip dispenser on his desk? Make these paper clips over a long line and put it back into the bowl. If he or she wants to take a whole pendulum will come along.5. Since the female colleagues always have a purse. If they remove anything away from the bag. Throw in a brick or two and then throw the load in the bag was found in her bag.
I am very curious if these jokes are passed and you have made working fun. It is important to have humor in the workplace. You know what they say: "Laughter is healthy."

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