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Career Article : Chef Careers Advice

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If you are wondering how to cook or chef, here are some tips and advice on training and start your career in this field of hotel, catering and travel industry, and employment prospects in the UK.
WorkThe cooks are responsible for preparing food using a variety of cooking techniques. In large kitchens, which normally functions as part of a team responsible for a particular area, such as bread and cakes, or vegetables. The chef, who may also be known as the chef or the maitre kitchen, is responsible for running the entire kitchen.
Typical responsibilities:
planning menusdealing with suppliersbudget managementpersonal organizationmonitoring and maintenance of the quality of food in the kitchen producesmake sure the kitchen works within the relevant health hygiene and safety guidelines.Usually started as a trainee chef (or cook 'commissions' chief'), time spent in each area of the kitchen, getting a wide range of culinary skills and techniques, and learn to care for kitchen equipment and tools.
With experience, you can move to section head (or "chef de partie") and the direction of running a kitchen area. The next step was sous-chef (or under-cooking), which would use the experience he had acquired in each section of the kitchen and implementation of all the kitchen, chef's name when needed.
In smaller kitchens, could also be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and customer service.
Person SpecificationThe most important personal qualities of the good chefs are:
a great interest in eating and cookingthe ability to work under pressurehigh standards of cleanliness and hygienethe ability to handle multiple tasksthe ability to work as part of a teamcreativity and imagination to the presentation of foodgood organizational skillscommunication and leadership skillsthe ability to manage a budget.
How to make a cookYou may not need formal academic training to begin work as apprentices (Commission), chef de cuisine. However, some employers prefer a general quality of education, possibly including some GCSEs (AE) in English and mathematics.
There are courses you can do to help you prepare for work as a cook, including:
GCSE in catering and cateringProfessional Cookery Diploma Level 2 (awarded by City and Guilds and ASET)BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in Hospitality or Hospitality SupervisionBTEC HND in Professional CookeryFoundation degree in Culinary Arts Management.Contact colleges or universities in the course entry requirements.
Some courses include a lot of hands-on cooking experience, which may allow you to launch your career in the kitchen to a higher level (instead of working his way up from commis chef or chef junior).
You may be able to enter this work through an apprenticeship. The range of apprenticeships available in your area will depend on the local labor market and the types of skills needed by employers for their workers.
Training and DevelopmentAs a chef cook student can work on NVQ qualifications, with topics including:
Hospitality Level 1Food Processing and Cooking Level 2Professional kitchen, levels 2 and 3Hospitality Supervision, Level 3.You can develop more advanced skills and help his career studying part-time scores as a foundation degree, BTEC CCC or degree in professional cooking, culinary arts management or hospitality management.
Pay (a rough guide)A student (Commission) chef can earn between € 11,500 and € 15,000 per year.The section chiefs (chefs de partie) can earn approximately £ 17,000.A second head chef (sous-chef can earn up to £ 25.000.Cooks (chefs) can earn around £ 30,000.A chef to cook at an upscale hotel can earn between € 40,000 and € 50,000.
Job prospectsThere are about 250 thousand chefs and cooks in the United Kingdom. People First (Sector Skills Council for hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism) report, there is a huge shortage of qualified chefs.
You could find work in the UK in all fields of industry, including hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as health education, and the military. Many restaurants in the United Kingdom conducted its own or in partnership, and many are owned and operated by chefs.
With the qualifications and work experience, can become a chef. Opportunities for promotion will be higher in large kitchens. You can go into management or take a train and the restoration or the professional kitchen to learn. You can also opt to have their own contract catering.

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