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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree - What You Need to Know

By John G White

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Also known as a BSBA, this program is completed in four years of study. The general credit requirement for a BSBA is one hundred and twenty hours of study. Like a Masters in Business Administration, a BSBA is a broad examination of all levels and aspects of the business world.
This degree allows student to pick a specialization in one aspect of business to concentrate on during their final year of study. Each university program has varied specializations, but in general a student can choose form accounting, finance, legal studies, management, marketing, economics, international business, or management information systems.
After earning this degree, all students should have practiced and honed these essential business skills, management, employee relations, policies, finance, and leadership.
Often viewed as the first step to earning a Masters in Business Administration, this degree provides a student with a great foundation and background. It shows the potential employers you are well educated with the business world, and you are often qualified for entry level business office management positions, supervisor jobs, or other types of employee management positions.
Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration find themselves with a background and understanding of basic business practice, as well as a specialized concentration of study they choose themselves. What they choose to specialize is a direct indication of what type of work they may end up in after earning their degree. Working for a business can prove to be lucrative, and there is no shortage of jobs in the business field. If you are looking to begin a career within the business sector, this program is one you should consider.

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