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Jobs Business : How To Get A Working Capital Loan If Business Credit Is Damaged

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 by: Neal Coxworth
A lot of small and medium sized businesses and retailers have discovered themselves in a pinch of circumstances regarding finding a working capital loan to fund their expansion, advertising, or just continuing to remain paying necessities like operations and payroll.

If you ask the Small Business Administration (SBA), the businesses in need of investment capitol can go directly to the SBA, or they can apply for a loan from the major banks that this agency will guarantee loans with. SBA backed loans are tailored for small or medium sized businesses and will usually have the best rates and terms. Businesses owners need to understand that this loan is not a quick fix solution. The processing of the loan may take several months to complete. The approval of such loans in this recently restricted credit environment is usually difficult unless you are one of the most credit worthy business owners.

If you own a business that has made an investment in numerous physical assets such as computers, industrial equipment, and office furniture can get secured loans and use these valuable assets as collateral. This loan is secured and therefore the credit of this business or owner may not be a primary qualifier like in the SBA working capital loan.

These loans are typically structured to be longer term like an auto loan spanning three, five, or seven years. There are many factors that the interest rates on these loans will vary upon. These factors may include (but are not limited to) the kind of equipment you have secured against, the kind of business, and other miscellaneous factors. If you get this type of loan, you are agreeing to let the lender repossess your loan against equipment if the business is closed or liquidated before full payment is made. If you are looking into getting this type of funding for your business, contact a loan broker.

If you accept credit cards and are unable to get funding through the bank, a CCRF (Credit Card Receivable) loan can be the answer. This kind of financial assistance is based on the businesses past credit card receipts. This kind of assistance is similar in nature to a merchant cash advance. These interest rates are higher than a SBA loan but rates are (overall) lower by 50-80% over a merchant cash advance. These loans have no additional or hidden requirements like buying a new terminal or switching card processors. You can own a business maintaining a minimum owner credit score as low as 550 and still be approved.

If you are looking into a working capital loan, you want to review every option for your business. The recommendations listed give a few options that are available for different types of businesses 

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